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red apricot standard poodle in show coat continental clip on an a-frame agility equitment

Willow is a petite standard, standing 21.5" at the withers and weighing about 39 pounds.  Her beautiful deep apricot color has held through the years.  She has a nice front with good rear angulation, a gorgeous face, and a wonderful temperament.  She's very laid back, and you can rely on her to be calm and easy-going in any situation or environment.  She's a versatile dog, having trained in agility, rally, obedience, and nose work.

AKC #:  PR20177902

CHIC #:  171919

OFA Hips:  Good

Eyes:  Normal

Thyroid:  Normal

Cardiac:  Normal

Von Willebrand:  Clear

NEwS:  Clear

PRA-prcd:  Clear

CDDY/IVDD:  Normal

DM:  Carrier

GM2:  Clear

Osteochondrodysplasia:  Clear

Wllow CHIC Certificate Watermarked.jpeg
Willow Hip OFA Certificate Watermarked.jpeg
Willow Thyroid Certificate Watermarked.jpeg
Willow Eye OFA Certificate Watermarked.jpeg

Willow is confident and outgoing, yet sweet, affectionate, and laid-back.  She is intelligent, an excellent problem solver, and eager to please, the combination of which makes training enjoyable and easy with her. Willow has dabbled in a little bit of everything:  from rally to agility to nose work, trick dog, and FastCAT..  She's earned her CGC and CGCA titles as well as her BCAT, TKN, VHMA, and VSWB titles.   Going forward, we're continuing to work on earning agility, rally, obedience, trick dog, FastCAT, and scent work titles with Willow.  Above all else, she's an amazing companion--happy and content as long as she can be at my side.

red apricot standard poodle in show coat continental clip sitting on a chair
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red apricot standard poodle in show coat continental clip jumping in the air running a FastCAT
red apricot standard poodle in show coat continental clip running a FastCAT close up of face
red apricot standard poodle in show coat continental clip jumping outside while running FastCAT

Willow had a great time at the 2022 Tallahassee show.  She tried FastCat for the first time.  After a single "fun run" she immediately caught on!  We entered her again the next couple of days and she earned some points towards her BCAT title.  She also had some fun in a match, taking best of breed and a group 2nd.

AKC ribbons two fastcat ribbons one second place in match ribbon one first place in class ribbon and one best of breed ribbon
red apricot and cream white standard poodle in show coat continental cut in spray up grooming table
red apricot standard poodle show dog in spray up continental cut
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Willow had a great time at the 2022 Montgomery show.  While there, she earned her BCAT title.  She also competed in a AKC sanctioned B match, where she won best in variety, 1st place in the nonsporting group, and best adult in match! 

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Willow showed beautifully at the 2022 Winter Wonderland Cluster in Perry, Ga, and took second in her class.  Willow also earned her ATT title at the show and ran her first coursing ability test.

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Willow Agility Tunnel
Willow in Atlanta
Willow Outside
Willow Watching the Dog Show
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Willow Through the Years

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