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We've bred Willow (Listen With Your Heart Du Nola's BCAT CGCA CGCU TKN ATT VHMA VSWB FITB) to Thor (Marquis Diamond-Rebelstar Fights Fire with Fire RN THDN CGC TKN).  Thor is a working therapy dog with an incredible temperament who was bred by Annette Shepherd of Rebelstar Kennels.  Willow's sire was also a Rebelstar dog.  

 We expect this pairing to produce lower-drive dogs with potential for therapy work and performance sports and make great companion pets.  We expect mostly red puppies from this pairing.

We will have to wait until mid-September to confirm the pregnancy via ultrasound.  If the breeding was successful, puppies will be due in October and ready for their homes in December.

WFP (14).jpg

Marquis Diamond-Rebelstar Fights Fire with Fire RN THDN CGC TKN

Listen with your Heart Du Nola’s BCAT CGCA CGCU TKN ATT VHMA VSWB FITB

Sire:  Harmony Mt-Arizona Sunset At Marquis Diamond 

Dam:  CH Pinafore-Marquis Diamond Queena Clubs

AKC #:  PR17993103

CHIC #:  118856

OFA Hips:  Excellent

OFA Elbows:  Normal

OFA Patella:  Normal

Eyes:  Normal

Thyroid:  Normal

Sebaceous Adenitis:  Normal

Dentition:  Full

Cardiac:  Normal

Legg-Calve-Perthes:  Normal

Von Willebrand:  Clear

NEwS:  Clear

rcd4-PRA:  Clear

Macrothrombocytopenia:  Clear

DM:  Clear

Sire:  CH Rebelstar Book of Eli Designed at Pinafore

Dam:  Newcom’s Namesake Du Nola’s

AKC #:  PR20177902

CHIC #:  171919

OFA Hips:  Good

Eyes:  Normal

Thyroid:  Normal

Cardiac:  Normal

Von Willebrand:  Clear

NEwS:  Clear

PRA-prcd:  Clear


DM:  Carrier

GM2:  Clear

Osteochondrodysplasia:  Clear

Wllow CHIC Certificate Watermarked.jpeg
Willow Hip OFA Certificate Watermarked.jpeg
Willow Thyroid Certificate Watermarked.jpeg
Willow Eye OFA Certificate Watermarked.jpeg
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