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About Jennifer


Jennifer is the heart and soul behind Brivali Poodles.  Her love of poodles began as a young child, growing up with poodles.  Her early years are filled with memories of sweet little Bambi, a black toy poodle.  When she was older and wanted "her own" dog, there was no question that it was going to be a poodle.  The only question was which variety.  Ultimately, she decided on a standard--the largest of the poodles--and one that might be up for a bit more rough-housing and who might have more stamina.

That is how Bridgett Valentine entered her lief--the most amazing dog a child could have ever asked for.  She was the ideal family pet--a child's best friend.  Bridgett went just about everywhere with her--attending sporting events, daily outings, and family vacations.  She loved car rides, and was always down for one--whether it was a quick errand around the block or a cross-country road trip (there were quite a few of those!). 

Bridgett was by her side through my youth and into her young adult years... in some ways Bridgett helped raise her.  Having Bridgett showed her not only the power of a bond between a dog and her human, but also the importance that role can play during such a formative period in a child or young adult's life.  This is has become part of her driving force in deciding to breed poodles--to help bring to others the joy that Bridgett brought to her by matching people with their ideal puppy.

About: About

After losing Bridgett, but before starting Brivali, Jennifer welcomed another poodle into her life:  Bentley (Rivers Edge Rebel with Applause).  While he's not part of the breeding program, he was the first dog that she actively trained with in AKC sporting events and he helped her "get her feet wet" in the dog fancy before committing to show dogs.  Bentley has trained in obedience, rally, trick dog, and agility, to name a few.  But, his absolute favorite dog sport--one that he excels in effortlessly-is nose work.

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